You’ve gone through the site, looked at the graphics and you still find yourself wondering, “ Why The Urban Christian Woman?”  Well, let me give you some backdrop.


In 2007, the Lord graced me with the privilege to do full time ministry in my home.  I thought I was “just” going to be doing the work of devotions, laundry, playing with kids, library visits and playdates.  The Lord shattered that thought quickly as I found myself in spiritual revival through immersion of scriptural study individually, in small groups and then neighborhood bible studies.  Along with the work of laundry, playing with kids, library visits and playdates, God began transforming my life to be aligned with His will for me.  Everything I did was drenched in the presence of God and engaging hearts to know the True and Living God.  Well, in 2011, the Lord gave me a glimpse that he was calling me to new waters through launching a ministry for the urban woman. That’s right.  Let me explain.

I was very thankful that the Lord graced me with this divine opportunity to drink deep of His Word. Yet, I would look around in my small groups and bible studies and ponder, “ Why am I one of the few urban women in the room? Where are they?”  As I would fall more and more in love with God’s Word, my heart would be breaking that other urban women were not getting this as well.  I found my conversations wandering toward EVERY woman living a life of freedom in Christ, if they would be willing to meet him in the scriptures.  I couldn’t stop.  Other women would ask how can I have that same passion, and I would respond, “Spending time in God’s  Word.”  I found myself always wanting to share and teach how to study and live out God’s Word through the scriptures.  And here is where I would find the mission of (TUCW) The Urban Christian Woman. TUCW’s mission is  “to restore the urban woman with gospel truth for everyday life.” 

 I have been attending church since I was in my momma’s belly.  And for many urban individuals that too is the case.  What I found is that as I aged into adulthood is that I knew of God, but I wasn’t seeking personal fellowship with him through his Word.  As I encounter many urban women today, we know how to go to church, be active and serve in the local church. Yet, when it comes to cultivating a relationship with God, we struggle. Whether busyness or a lack of understanding in how to grow a relationship with God, we struggle in knowing him through the scriptures.  

As time progressed, I found myself reading news articles and watching the state of urban culture. I would become perplexed, frustrated, and then burdened. Every time the issues of culture would bring me back to Christ and to the mission he placed before me. “Te’Sheba, restore generations of women with gospel truth.” The gospel and the truth it holds is the ONLY answer to flourishing lives.  So, here I am.  Here we are. The only hope we have towards restoration is Christ.  As we seek him and reflect him, he will be glorified and other’s will be drawn towards his marvelous beauty. So join me and others at TUCW.